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Thursday, October 4, 2012

E-Zine Update

I've been thinking (and working) on the e-zine project I mentioned long ago, and since I notice that page is getting some hits, I should maybe update. I'd planned on putting out an e-zine sometime in the summer and a second one right about... now. But I ran into a snag or two, one being "should I charge for it?" and the other being "what should the content be?"

The question of whether the zine should be free or pay was affected by a couple things. For one, I didn't feel comfortable charging for something that would just be a small amount of content (10-20 pages) and not an actual professional quality product. For another, I don't have a business license; sure, I could just charge under the table or set up a tip jar, but that just seems like a whole lot of hassle and risk.

The content question was even bigger. I didn't like where my first plan for content was going, so I started over a couple times. Then I came up with a new plan I liked, renamed the monster product "The Last-Minute Menagerie", and kind of resolved (or at least postponed) the fee issue.

The way I'm seeing it now, there will eventually be a print product that I will charge for. It will be a compilation of two or three zines, plus about the same amount of new material, plus illustrations and supporting material, all arranged in what I think is a clever little way that makes it useful as a print product. The zines will be free and may only be sparsely illustrated.

There will probably be a teaser monster sometime this month, but I have no schedule for the zines.


  1. E-zines tend not to be professional quality because they're fan made. By the community, for the community. If you charge a few dollars, people won't mind!

    Will you be taking submissions?

    1. Not at this time, mostly because there are already a couple zines out there that accept submissions (Fight On!, And, Oubliette, etc.) I'm not setting out to fill that niche, at least not at this time.

  2. Sounds promising. Free zines will also probably be good promotion for the print product.