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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Last-Minute Labyrinth

The latest news on the zine front is that that there may be several kinds of installments of the zine, each one to be collected eventually in separate products: The Last-Minute Menagerie being one, but others would include The Last-Minute Cohort (tentative title for a PC/NPC supplement based on the class stuff I've been posting,) The Last-Minute Wilderlands (outdoor map generation,)  The Last-Minute Kingdom (town/settlement building, based on town generation material I've posted previously.) And a dungeon generation system called The Last-Minute Labyrinth.

The good news is that this means a zine may come out sooner than expected. I've been writing stuff for the Last-Minute Menagerie, but it's been going slow. It occurs to me that I could write what would essentially be a chapter from The Last-Minute Menagerie that would be room types to use instead of an "empty" room. And this will probably go quicker. Even with the planned 120 rooms in one chapter.


  1. Is this zine going to come out in pdf format?

    1. I hadn't planned on it originally; I was just going to do it in EPUB format and save PDF for the final publication. I'll be considering changing this, though.