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Friday, October 19, 2012

Spells Known

Here's a little thought, inspired by the post on GROGNARDIA about ability scores. We all know by now that Intelligence in Men & Magic has only one effect: a modifier to experience earned for Magic-Users. And the Greyhawk supplement added a table giving the percentage chance of knowing a spell, and the maximum number of spells learnable, for different intelligence ranges. Again, these only apply to Magic-Users.

What if they only applied to non-Magic-Users?

What if a Magic-User could learn any spell, as many spells as desired, but non-Magic-Users could only learn a handful, and needed a roll to successfully learn a spell... but they *could* learn a spell, in contrast to the default assumption?


  1. I like it, it would bring the game closer to some of the literature that inspired it.

  2. So a high INT fighter would be able to cast a spell at 1st level?

    1. Yes, although maybe a fighter can't *memorize* a spell. You could restrict non-Magic-Users to creating scrolls. Or maybe they *can* memorize one spell at a time, but take longer to cast spells. There are a couple different routes you could go.