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Friday, November 23, 2012

Dead-Simple Aging Rules

All this talk about level drain reminded me that I once proposed the aging attack used by ghosts is a good alternative for those who absolutely can't abide level drain. And, although I have some aging rules I like a lot, I got to thinking and came up with super-simple rules for aging that just about anybody could get behind.

  1. No age states, other than informally (less than 18 = young, more than 65 = old.)
  2. No penalties for age, it's just cosmetic until character dies of old age.
  3. After age 65, roll 1d6 anytime character gets sick. On 5+, character dies. Add +1 to roll for every 15 years.

Optionally, use step 3 when recovering from injury; on 5+, the character never fully recovers and is left with a crippled arm or leg or addled brain.

Dwarves and elves have an effective age, comparable to human ages. Divide magical aging by three for dwarves, 10 for elves. Others, use the same rules.

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