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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wands Without Charges

Timrod has a post about wand degradation. Basically, making wands get used up without having to track individual charges. This is something I've tried a couple times before. I think I would go with fewer dice rolls, myself. So I suggest this alternative:
When a character uses a wand, roll one die. If the maximum result is rolled, the wand is half-used. If the maximum result is rolled for a half-used wand, it is now drained of power.
The maximum result depends on the die used, of course. For wands, you'd probably want to use either a d20 or a d12. A staff traditionally has fewer charges, so a d10 or d8 may be in order. A rod or a cantrip wand would use a d6.

A drained wand can theoretically be recharged, or a caster could attempt to wring one last use out of the wand. Make a reaction roll: on a Very High result (12 on 2d6,) the wand works one last time; on a Very Low result (2 on 2d6,) the wand explodes for 3d6 damage.


  1. This is like the method Squad Leader uses for determining running out of ammo.

  2. Replies
    1. Haven't thought it out in detail, but it would be via the magical research rules, but with a lower cost than the original enchantment.

      There might be other quest-able methods, like a pool of recharging. But that's reserved for play, not rules.