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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ezine Progress

I've been hard at work on the eZine lately. Here are my discoveries:

 - It's a good thing I'm splitting the Last-Minute Hexcrawl across three zines (terrain, settlements, exploration.) Because just the terrain article is turning out to be huge. It's all the careful explanation and examples, and the fact that, when I was writing it up as blog posts, there were a lot of nested links, which made some blog posts deceptively short.

 - I may have to do a lot of illustrations for this. I always worry that things like "read the dice from left to right", while sounding simple to me, may be difficult to understand without visual examples. That, of course, makes the article even bigger.

 - Because of the size, I think I may drop the idea of including races, classes, and adventures, although I am thinking of doing a colony scenario as a good example of how to use a random geography map in play.

 - I was planning to include the hunting and foraging rules in issue #1, but I think they fit better with the exploration rules in issue #3. Instead, I'll be including a reworked version of my weather rules, since it's logically connected to climate.

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