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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Barbarian Tribes

I hinted at the end of the Barbarian class that you could define multiple barbarian tribes, each with a unique ability. But I didn't really delve into this very far. Time to fix that.

Berserker: the "default" barbarian described in the previous post. In combat, they act as if under a Haste spell (which I interpret as "strike first and at +2 on the attack roll") and trigger morale checks in normal men because of their ferocity. This is related to, but slightly different from, the berserkers described in Monsters & Treasure.

Mountain Folk: Easily clamber up and down terrain that would stymie other mortals. Steep terrain only halves Move at worst, or has no effect on Mountain Folk where others would be at half Move. For near-vertical climbs, treat them as thieves.

Sea Raiders: Know how to sail, row, and swim, and have both increased lung capacity and a better chance to avoid drowning (+30%, +6 on d20, or +2 on d6 checks for either.) They still must remove any metal armor worn quickly, but at least they don't immediately die if they fall overboard while wearing plate armor. Sea raiders won't accidentally fall overboard or fall from rigging; any fall must be deliberately forced.

Horse Lords: Like a Cavalier, Horse Lords never accidentally fall from a horse; they bust be knocked off, cursed, or otherwise deliberately unhorsed. This applies even to tricks like standing on a horse's back or hanging sideways from the saddle. A horse trained by a Horse Lord for at least a year will have unusually high intelligence and will act like an illiterate, mute henchman instead of a mere animal.

Jungle Masters: Can "disappear" in a jungle as if they were halflings. Double chances of surprise in the jungle, or Move Silently/Hide in Jungle as a thief, as appropriate.

Eagle Lords: Like Horse Lords, but their mounts are giant eagles (treat as rocs.)

Ice Nomads: Like Jungle Masters, but their stealth applies to ice and snow environments. Also get a bonus to resist cold or snow blindness.

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