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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cambrian Horror

Anomalocaris saronLast night, I watched a TV show about the extreme history of Australia (as in, the first 4 billion years worth.) And there were some recreations of pretty freaky- looking Pre-Cambrian and Cambrian creatures. I knew about trilobites, hell, everyone does... but I hadn't heard of Anomalocaris before. It's basically a giant, abnormal, predatory shrimp.

I should turn that into a monster. Someone should turn it into a monster. Quick, someone do some stats!



  1. Had you heard of Hallucigenia? It is so alien that when first discovered, they were unsure of which side was up, or which end was the front.

    1. When I was trying to find the name of the Anomalocaris (all I remembered was that it had something to do with "anomaly",) I spotted the name Hallucigenia, but didn't look it up. Does look pretty weird. Also worth a write-up.

  2. Walking with Monsters, which covers the Palaeozoic Era has plenty of extremely alien monstrosities from before the Dinosaurs.

  3. Bindun. Dragon #204, Creatures that Time Forgot - the creatures of the Burgess Shale statted for AD&D2 and Amazing Engine: Bughunters ("Aliens" knock-off).