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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Raise Dead As Tree

The post about unifying magic had a passing comment about a possible "Raise Dead As Tree" spell for druids. I couldn't just let that pass... so I wrote it up. I picked a format more or less compatible with Delving Deeper. I haven't settled on my own format for spells, yet. I've labeled it as plain old 5th level, because there's no real reason that clerics should be forbidden from researching the spell. The advantage is that it can restore people who have been dead longer, which may open the way to restoring them totally at some later date.

Raise Dead As Tree (5th Level Spell)

Reversible, Duration: Permanent, Range: touch
When cast on a corpse lain on open soil, causes a tree to sprout and grow to full size on the spot. The soul of the slain victim will inhabit the tree as long as the victim died within 3 days per level of the caster. The tree is immobile and mute except under the influence of magic, but while animated, can earn experience, becoming able to move its limbs at 2nd level, speak at 3rd level, and walk at 4th level (but must bury its roots in soil to sleep.)

The reverse is Slay Tree, which pretty much does as it says.


  1. So if the tree can't move until 2nd level, if this is cast on someone who is 1st level, it becomes a sort of living death, with the spirit of the deceased trapped within its leafy prison, able to see and hear all that transpires around it, but unable to communicate or move in any way.


  2. Hm, I'll take my chances on being a badger with reincarnation ...

    Imagining a party of adventurers carting around their potted tree buddy, using him as a battering ram, sharing treasure with him, until he gets enough experience to leave the pot.

    1. The threat of using him as firewood should be enough to keep him in line. And of course if he comes back as a fruit tree, he can keep them fed as well.