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Thursday, May 30, 2013


When I wrote the called parries post, I left something out, because I wasn't sure I wanted to add it. It's the idea of a riposte, turning a parry into an attack. I'm not committed to the idea yet, but here it goes:
  1. Available only to Fighters their sub-classes, and only when using a sword.
  2. Fighter must make a successful called parry
  3. Fighter makes an attack roll and compares it to both the attack roll just parried and the normal target number needed to hit
  4. If the riposte roll is higher than both numbers, the riposte hits as if it were a regular attack.
I though about adding a level restriction, but since it's only possible to make one riposte per round, I don't think it's too huge a deal. It just makes sword fighting a little more like Erol Flynn vs. Basil Rathbone. A very good thing, indeed.


  1. I have considered making ripostes a sword feature as well, though I attached the riposte to when an attacker misses you and rolls 5 or less (following the idea that missing badly "left them open").

    This is how I worded it:

    Riposte: if an enemy misses you with a melee strike and rolls 5 or less on the attack roll, you get a free counterattack.

    Now I might dispense with the additional attack roll requirement, and just let the riposte deal weapon damage automatically to the attacker.


    1. That's good in that there is only one additional attack roll, although since there's no limit on the number of times your version of the riposte could be used per round, you could wind up with a fighter getting several attacks, instead of just one extra.

      If you want to keep your riposte from being automatic, but reduce extra die rolls (and maybe easier to remember,) you could just reduce it to "Roll damage for a sword if your enemy misses with a melee strike; if it's greater than your enemy's roll, do that much damage as a riposte."

    2. I just noticed that elsewhere in that post I limit ripostes to one per round:

      Sword: draw and use in same round, allows one riposte

      I like your variation though.