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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tangling Attacks

Obviously, we can select specific aspects of the whip as a model for a couple other unusual weapons.

Lasso/Lariat: Basically, a thrown weapon that "returns" to the lasso user. Has a longer range than a whip (50 feet is a good average.) The initial attack does no damage, but is a long-range grapple: targeting the entire body of a human(oid) allows a "bear hug", targeting an arm can partially immobilize it, targeting the neck allows choking. Targeting both legs (actually, targeting the body and allowing the loop to drop to leg level) allows a takedown; if the roper is on a horse or other mount, the victim can be dragged, doing 1 point of damage per round if the mount's Move is higher than the victim's Con.

Net: Can be thrown or used to tangle on successful attack roll. Tangling just one limb is possible, but only useful as an attempt to disarm or trip. Tangling the victim's entire body slows the victim until the net is removed, but on a 5+ (1d6) the victim is immobilized and unable to escape automatically. If the victim can draw a knife (5+ on 1d6,) the net can be cut away in 1d6 rounds.

Bolas: Mostly like a standard thrown weapon. Like a net, can be used to disarm or trip; tangling the body is mostly useless (no damage or impediment.) Aiming for the neck can cause 1d6 damage to the head if not wearing a helm and can also choke a victim; roll only once to see if the victim passes out, but otherwise the victim takes only 1 point of damage before removing the bolas.

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