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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Famous Sayings About Hit Points, Part I

"Hit points shouldn't be interpreted as luck because that's what the attack roll and saving throw represent."

Nope. The saving throw and the attack roll represent environmental uncertainties. Making a good roll means that you, the player, are lucky.

When using hit points to represent luck, you are talking about the character's luck.


  1. Oh, balderdash. The character only exists as an interface for the player. The character literally CANNOT get lucky unless the player gets lucky. Any time the player rolls a natural 20, that is an abstract representation of the lucky hand of fate smiling on the character.

    1. Two Things:

      (1) No, a natural 20 in OD&D is not "the lucky hand of fate smiling on the character". Because a natural 20 has no special meaning in OD&D.

      (2) That's a pretty nonsensical argument against it. The character literally CANNOT attack unless the player says the character attacks, and the character literally CANNOT move unless the player says the character moves. That means nothing at all.