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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Demon Hunters and Reversed Curses

I'm going to be busy on a layout project for someone today (maybe tomorrow?) so I don't have much to say today. Instead, I'll point to two posts about clerics that showed up recently. One's JD's post about reversing all the cleric spells, to create dark-side  versions of the cleric, like the traditional gothic (Satanic) witch. Some of the reversed spells don't quite work, I think, but there are some interesting ideas in there, and the basic idea is something I more or less go with in my version of the witch (basically, M-U who casts spells by brewing potions instead of memorizing incantations and has a familiar instead of a spell book.) I allow the witch to select which spell list to start out with, and that changes the tone of the witch: those that start with reversed cleric spells would be gothic/medieval evil witches, and those that start with Druid spells would be traditional folk witches. I suppose those that started with M-U spells would be New Age witches, perhaps similar to those in Bell, Book and Candle.

The other post is Wayne's post about clerics as demon-hunters, taking the Van Helsing inspiration just one step further. He's combining this cleric-as-demon-hunter idea with the idea of cleric-as-Templar, which doesn't quite sit well with me. A secret society of demon-hunters, maybe, but not a traditional knightly order. Something more like the secret priestly order in The Omen, or in Lucy, Daughter of the Devil.


  1. Thanks for the pointer! I actually had some more ideas about a witch. Basically a character (m-u or cleric) could sell his soul for xp. He'd still have to earn the xp (working for the demon), but he/she would have the benefit of level (and some more benefits, still a work in progress). A side effect would be whatever one could associate with a evil witch (nose, evil laughter, warts, etc.). Just more food for thought...

    Reversing all spells is a bit tricky, but I believe it can be done :)

  2. Bonus points for Lucy, Daughter of the Devil.