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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Badges As Icons

Here's a list of the badges I'm using as icons, with their meanings and the labels/tags used on posts. I suppose it also doubles as a round-up of badges I made that people might want to use for other purposes. It's actually mostly for my benefit. Most of the images on the badges are modified from Lorc's Open RPG Icons.


Not all the tags I've used have badges/icons.

Skills and Abilities (the ability label)

Class, Race, and Characters (the class and race labels)

Combat-Related (the ac, combat, and d6-weapons labels)

Encumbrance (the encumbrance label)

Wounds and Healing (the hp label)

Magic, Spells, and Artifacts (the magic, sorcery and spell labels)

Monsters (the monster and wandering monster feature labels)

Psionics (the psi label)

Levels and Experience (the xp label)



Despite the organization based on time periods, this doesn't mean strictly modern, strictly historical, etc. All that matters is the "breakpoints", listed in parentheses. Most of these don't have a special tag or label yet, and I may rarely write about some of them.

Post-Apocalyptic (anything during or after a global or near-global catastrophe.)

Modern (post-atomic, but mostly within the bounds of what we've experienced... i.e. not future.)

Historic (post-gunpowder but pre-atomic.)

Ancient, Classical, or Medieval periods (anything pre-gunpowder, or on the cusp.)

Pre-Historic (Stone Age or Dinosaurs. Can be modified by other genres to produce anomalous pre-history or time travel to the distant past.)

Mystery, Intrigue, Investigation (originally just a Spy badge, but I doubt I'll write about spies that much.)

I will need to do Future and Space badges, still, especially since these are the genres I plan to write about quite a bit in the future. Planned images: old-school Lithium atom symbol for Future, rocket ship and stars for Space. Really, though, most of what I write about is firmly in the Ancient, Classical, or Medieval genres or their mash-ups, so we may not see much of the other badges.

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