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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Embedded Skulls and Bones

+Dyson Logos posted a map on G+ of a dungeon that included little icons here and there: a skull, a dagger, a coin purse, and a potion bottle. They were only meant to be embellishments to break up the crosshatching in the walls, but I thought: What if you interpretted them literally as items embedded in the stone? Cast a Locate Object to try to find a weapon, and the spell inexplicably points to a wall. Or tunnel north from the bottom of the square pit and run into a giant skull.

But this means you need random tables for different kinds of embedded objects. Here’s one for bones and skulls (Relics.) Subtract 1 from the roll if one of the characters is cursed in some way.

d4+d8 Embedded Relic
1 sleeping spectral skull
2 6 HD tomb lord reanimates in 1d6 days
3 1d6 tomb scholars reanimate in 1d6 days
4 1d6 standard animated skeletons
5 cursed skull, must be given proper burial
6 skull that radiates evil
7 ordinary skull
8 1d6 ordinary skeletons
9 1d6 misc bones, +1 reaction if buried
10 jawbone of an ass, +1 vs. philistines
11 skull of omens, answers 1d6 questions
12 skull of 3 wishes


  1. Awesome!

    Said map is now also on my blog: http://rpgcharacters.wordpress.com/2013/11/20/welcome-to-level-8-now-you-can-learn-real-magic/

  2. Pretty darned nifty. It also gives the players another course of actions to take in dungeons (it also explains why some folks dig them in the first place).