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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mimics in Modules

I mentioned a little while back some things I dislike about Torchlight. But one thing I kind of liked was the inclusion of mimics. I started thinking about using mimics more… and, by coincidence, Noisms wrote something about them that further piqued my interest. What if excessive magic, especially persistent non-mobile enchantments, cranks up evolution a billionfold? Mimics have developed the ability to mimic because they are evolving in a matter of months instead of of millions of years.

About a year ago, I wrote up my own version of the mimic and sort of merged it with the doppelganger and kelpie. And I speculated about an entire doppelkingdom as a possible legendary locale. More recently, I’d been wanting to do an entire multi-level module, instead of just the occasional one-page dungeon… but I was thinking, “What could I do that was different?” Everyone does dragons, humanoids, and undead. What’s underutilized?

Duh, doppelkind.

Here’s a question for you German speakers, though: if “doppelganger” is a “walking double” of someone, what would be a good German name for the animal equivalent (what I called the kelpie) and the “inanimate” object equivalent (the mimic?) I was tempted to just say “doppelbeast” and “doppelthing”, but I suppose those would be objectionable. Actually maybe I need “doppelflesh”, “doppelstone”, “doppelmetal”, and “doppelliquid”. And something for the big slablike doppelkind that becomes trappers and lurkers above.


  1. My German is pretty bad but you can usually make up compound nouns pretty freely.

    Doppletier (double animal)

    Doppleschrek (double horror) -- better for monsters I think

    Doppleding or Dopplesache (double thing) or Dopplesachen (double things)