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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year in Review

Time again for a quick look at popular items on the blog in the past year. As in past years, commentary still won out over creative content; people just like to read people bitching about role-playing games more than new ideas about stuff to do in your game, I guess. But I think creative content started to get a little more notice this past year.

Here’s the list of the top ten blog posts, according to Blogger:

  1. Clerics Without Spells (1458 views)
  2. Weapon Damage Tables (1136 views)
  3. Artifacts That Level Up (670 views)
  4. Hard (637 views)
  5. Rant: I Hate Niche Protection (480 views)
  6. The Forgotten Design of the Thief (351 views)
  7. Why I Prefer OD&D (337 views)
  8. One-Roll Populated Areas (313 views)
  9. Rant: I Hate Game Balance (304 views)
  10. Follow-Up: I Hate Play Testing (297 views)

The significant changes is that there are more recent posts in my top ten than in previous years. Normally, I post an occasional mildly-popular post that hangs on for a couple years, getting regular hits every week, like Clerics Without Spells and Hard. But in 2013, some posts got a lot of hits very fast; the Weapon Damage Tables are only a month old, but they’ve blasted their way to the #2 spot, possibly with help from T. Wooley, who is using them in his current game. As it so happens, I’m working on an update, downloadable version of the damage tables, and will also be doing a download for Clerics Without Spells in the very near term. More on that later.

I won’t go over the differences between Blogger’s report and Google Analytics in any detail. However, I noticed that the maps are still in high demand, as is the Last-Minute GM material, especially the last-minute hexcrawl in this past year. This has got to get more attention in the coming year, obviously.

Top keywords being used to find my site are variations of the blog’s name, which is a good sign. The top sites sending people my way are Jeff’s Game Blog, Dyson Logos, and Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Thanks, guys!

I made only a little headway accomplishing the things I wanted to finish in 2013. No Liber Zero yet, no zine yet, very few new maps. Again, I’ll be talking more about this in the next couple weeks, as I discuss plans for the coming year.

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