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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Contact Page

I won’t be doing any new material like the megamodules for a couple days because my desktop computer took a spill. Literally. Which is sad, because I was about to play around with Scribus, something I definitely can’t do on the Nexus 7.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t do anything. Today, I was able to add another page/tab to the blog that I’ve needed for a while: an About page, which also doubles as a contact page. Rather than posting my email address for all to harvest, I added a feature I noticed: you can enable comments on a page, just like on a blogpost. So, there’s one central place for people to make requests, ask about missing links, or anything else.

Naturally, i’m going to be merciless to spammers.

The megamodules all have a Creative Commons notice and an additional blurb telling people that if they’d like different licensing terms, they can contact me on my blog. That’s one of the reasons why I needed an About tab. Although my Gmail address shouldn’t be too hard to figure out, I figure if someone really wants to include some of my material in a commercial product, they can ask me there, and we can discuss it, in public or in email.

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  1. I have the trial copy of Scribus, and I love it sooo hard. Working on spells, they're broken up by level and then by individual spell, and being able to work on one spell, look at another (or a whole library) for comparison, and drag n' drop completed ones into the "completed" category...the only sadness is I can't afford the $40 license quite yet, so I have to be sure I have a few hours before I open it up. I've only got 12 days left. :(

    1. We must be talking about different things, because Scribus is free. I couldn't even find a "trial" version on their website.