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Saturday, November 15, 2014

More on Liars

I wanted to examine the Liar reaction roll a little more closely. First, I only briefly touched on why I chose odd reaction results as lies. Yes, a 2 is an Immediate Attack, which would be a bit weird if it were aslo a lie. But also, I wanted something easy to remember. The word “even” has a strong association with fairness and honesty, so dishonesty should be the opposite of even, right? Similarly, Neutral monsters and NPCs only lie on Neutral or worse reactions, so that should be easy to remember.

But let’s move on to looking closer at the possible results in different reaction roll situations.

Potential Combat

You just ran into some bandits. Will they threaten you? Attack? Or let you pass?

Bad: Demand all your money and possessions, tie you up or chase you away afterwards. Attack if you resist or linger in the area. When Lying: Say they are going to let you go if you cooperate, but then capture or kill you after stripping you of all possessions.

Neutral: Demand payment, but are willing to bargain. When Lying: Say they will accept your first offer, as long as it’s not ridiculously low, but then demand more after you give it up.

Good: Demand a small “toll”. May let you pass anyways if you refuse, as long as your side seems sufficiently strong or charismatic. When Lying: Chaotics will attempt a second shake-down for more cash.

Making a Job Offer

You meet an intelligent monster that doesn’t immediately turn hostile, so you try to lure it into service.

Bad: Insulted by your offer, or even the idea of serving you. Will attack if you pursue the issue. When Lying: Pretends to accept, but is luring you into a trap or planning a betrayal.

Neutral: Doesn’t accept your offer, but open to a bigger offer. When Lying: Either accepts the job, then absconds with the money as soon as possible or abandons you, or threatens you but is really just playing tough and will accept moe money.

Good: Accepts offer, roll for loyalty. When Lying: Chaotics will accept the job and even perform well, but will have zero loyalty and will secretly accept other jobs. They won’t plan to betray you, but will betray you when paid to do so.

Haggling and Bribing

You need something (potions of healing, or to get past a guard) and offer money for the goods or service.

Bad: Refuse the offer, attempt to take you into custody if being bribed. When Lying: Accept the offer, but give you a counterfeit or lead you into capture.

Neutral: Ask for more money. When Lying: Take the money first, then ask for more.

Good: Accept the money. When Lying: Chaotics will cheat or betray you, perhaps after a delay.

Fishing for Information

A bit like buying a rare item, but you’re trying to buy, intimidate, or sweet-talk information out of someone.

Bad: Insulted by your request, may tell authorities where appropriate. When Lying: Makes an excuse to negotiate later, but sets up a trap.

Neutral: Asks for more money, or stalls negotiation to drive up the price. When Lying: Doesn’t know the answer, but makes up an answer anyways.

Good: Offers information. When Lying: Chaotics make up crazy information.

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