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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fountain of Fortune

Next in the series of reworked dungeon tricks: the enchanted fountain. Note that I’ve designed this to be a reusable short-term resource, but likely to change features over the long term.

Fountain of Fortune

At least three of these enchanted fountains are rumored to exist, one holy, one unholy, and one unaligned. They are indistinguishable from each other, appearing as a wide circular stone basin with a small statue of a water bearer in the center, pouring an endless stream of water. If the water bearer’s ewer is plugged, the stream of water stops forever and the fountain dries up immediately, losing all its enchantment.

Roll on the table for the water’s random effect. Subtract 1 if the fountain is unholy, add 1 if it is holy. If any of the discoverers of the fountain has an alignment that matches the alignment of the fountain (Lawful matches Holy, Chaotic matches Unholy,) add another +1, or subtract 1 if they are opposed.

d4+d8 Roll Random Fountain Effect
0 or less Water thickens, turns BROWN, becomes sewage (1d6 damage)
1 Water turns CLEAR, Fountain turns unholy, curses drinker
2 Water turns RUBY RED, causes drunkenness (confusion, must sleep it off)
3 Water turns TURQUOISE, sleep for 2d6 turns
4 Water turns ORANGE, makes people tired (half move)
5 Water turns EMERALD GREEN, smell gold up to 120 feet away for one hour
6 Water turns SAPPHIRE BLUE, sense life forms 40 feet away for one hour
7 Water turns MILKY WHITE, protects against fear for one hour
8 Water turns HAZY GRAY, wakes people up and clears fatigue/confusion
9 Water turns GOLDEN YELLOW, can see in dark for rest of the day
10 Random Color, acts like holy water, turns zombies away
11 Random Color, blesses the person drinking for the rest of the day
12 Random Color, heals one wound (1d6+1 damage restored)
13+ Water glows, restores all health and blesses the person drinking it.

The colors in bold are also used to look up effects or randomize the color. If a random color is indicated, read the d8 on the same table. Optionally, unholy fountains always use the d8 to determine the color, regardless of the enchantment in the fountain.

Any number of people can cup their hands and drink from the fountain, but they will only receive an enchantment once in any given hour. Containers of enchanted water alter in effect if not drained in one turn (reroll on table for new effect, but use 1d6.)

If an item other than a container is dipped into the fountain, reroll the effects and change the water’s color. Weapons dipped in the fountain can take on the the powers of the fountain in the next combat, passing the effect to the target, but the weapon loses the enchantment after the combat. Other items remain unaffected except by a curse effect..

If at least three coins are tossed into the fountain, reroll the effects, with a -1 on the roll for copper or lower value coins, +1 for gold or higher value coins. If a gem is thrown into the fountain, the fountain’s waters turn the same color as the gem on a 9+ and will bestow those powers instead. If the coins or the gems are removed, they are automatically cursed; anyone carrying the coins or gems will also be cursed, as will any treasure it is mixed with, and the bearer will remain cursed on a 5+ (1d6) when the treasure is disposed of.

If the same effect is rolled twice in a row, the fountain dries up instead if both the d4 and the d8 are even.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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