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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Our BLANK Neighbors: Update

Thanks all for the suggestions on titles for Our BLANK Neighbors. I also had another conversation about it on Discord and then took the best ideas of both to come up with something I think works: Our Unearthly Benefactors.

I liked Lance Duncan's suggestion of "Unearthly" because of its shortness, its link to "Undying" (in the undead supplement,) and its descriptive value for the otherworldly aspect of the godlings. Discord, in contrast, went with the euphemisms typically used for the fae and suggested things like "Our Good Neighbors" or "Our Generous Neighbors".

Thinking along those lines, I first went with "Benevolent Neighbors", to add a hint of arrogance to the description. But then I thought, "Maybe I'm being hampered by sticking with 'Neighbors' when I could merge the two ideas."

Bonus feature: there are currently no Google hits for the phrase "Our Unearthly Benefactors". I always check for originality when coming up with titles, and I like my chances here.

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