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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Zombie Corpse Conditions

So the PCs stumble on a crypt full of zombies. But zombies rot. How intact are these zombies? Roll 2d6.

Roll Result Result Details
2 Nearly Skeletal Patches of flesh cling to to their bones
3-5 Badly Rotted Most of one side is skeletal
6-8 Somewhat Rotted One arm or half the face is missing flesh
9-11 Slightly Rotted Bone shows through in spots
12 Fresh Corpse Pallid, but still appears human

Slightly rotted corpses are standard zombies.

Appearance affects two things: surprise and fear. A zombie in relatively good condition can walk the streets of a town, tricking victims into believing they are just ordinary citizens until it’s too late, allowing them to get closer before attacking. Halve the encounter distance in these conditions for the listed zombie varieties.

Conditions Allows Surprise by…
No Light Any zombie variety
Dim Light Silhouette Badly Rotted
Shadows or Fog Somewhat Rotted
Dim Light Slightly Rotted
Cloudy Day Fresh Corpse

A Fresh Corpse zombie also doubles its chance of surprise in any dim light or fog situation (except for No Light, where all chances are standard.)

Hirelings will generally only check morale after a fight has begun, but they will automatically flee if surprised by any zombie, or even when not surprised if they can see a Badly or Somewhat Rotted zombie clearly (dim light or better.) They will also immediately flee a Nearly Skeletal zombie if there is any light at all.

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