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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Revelode Pamphlet Town Follow-Up

Is anyone having problems downloading yesterday's pamphlet town? Or any of my other PDFs?

I had two notifications yesterday that people were requesting access to the Revelode PDF. I get this every once in a while for things hosted on Google Drive, even though I set the sharing to "anyone with a link can download". Usually, it's on older PDFs, so I've always assumed that Google Drive has a bug that periodically turns off sharing on old links, which is incredibly annoying.

There's a possibility that this time, it wasn't that Google Drive bug, but was actually a hold-over from the Google cloud services outage this weekend. When I uploaded the PDF, I was having problems setting the description, and it took several tries just to turn on sharing. When I finally did get the link for my blog post, I assumed everything would be OK, but obviously it wasn't for at least two people.

After getting the notifications, I refreshed the sharing by turning it off and on, editing the link in the blog post, then testing the link in an incognito browser window to verify that it would work for other people. It should be working now, but if not, please let me know.

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