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Monday, July 1, 2019

Generic Crumbling Tower Pamphlet Dungeon PDF

Today’s map is another trifold pamphlet dungeon designed to work like and work with the Generic Bandit Tower. It’s the Generic Crumbling Tower.

As I mentioned in the Semi-Random Maps post, the generic towers with randomized content help to increase the apparent number of towers. Adventurers will find lots of intact bandit towers, half-intact crumbling towers, and less intact ruined towers (coming tomorrow.) These will act as a diversion so that players will be surprised when they find a tower that looks the same, but has some unique feature.

Crumbling towers are almost always lairs for wild animals, although it’s possible that a small band of bandits has started to move in. The above-ground levels are very simple for the crumbling towers. Only the dungeon level and the occupants/treasure are randomized.

I’ll have more to say when I upload the next pamphlet tomorrow.

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