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Monday, September 30, 2019

Fall 2019 To-Do List

Here’s an update on my to-do priority list, with an emphasis on what I should be doing for October through December 2019:
  1. Our Undying Neighbors(undead PDF)
  2. Mix of four to six small dungeons (pamphlet, one-page, or geomorph) or urban geomorphs (pamphlet)
  3. One sizable dungeon, tentative title The Assembly of Ill-Formed Flesh.
  4. Liber Zero Player’s Guide PDF
  5. Our Spiritual Neighbors (cleric + ethereal spirits PDF)
  6. Last-Minute Wilderness (wilderness generation PDF)
I definitely want to finish Our Undying Neighbors this season. It’s been delayed for too long. If I’m lucky, I can finish it in time for a Hallowe’en release, but I’m thinking a Thanksgiving or Christmas release is more likely.

I added the LZ Player’s Guide because it’s not going to be that hard to do. Most of the text will be collected from the pamphlets, edited, and expanded in a few places… but one of the aims of Liber Zero is to not bother players with the rules, so it will be a pretty light-weight booklet.

I will also be doing Phase II of the ongoing blog revamp. Phase I was editing all the existing pages and updating the links. Phase II will involve some change of appearance and making the blog more “engaging”, as they say… by which I mean more people will look at other stuff besides the post of the day.

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