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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Shadow, Silence, and Thunder

I was going to continue my exploration of the mystical states of matter, like the eternal and empyreal states. I don’t have time at the moment for the massive cosmology post I’d planned, so I’ll just do a quick post on one additional state.

The empyreal state is intangible, bright, and sometimes hot. The umbrial state is the converse of that: intangible, dark, and sometimes cold. It’s fantasy shadow, with its ability to actively block light. It’s the way spellcasters create magical darkness (transform a patch of air or smoke into the umbrial state) and also the way other spells cool down air to create cones of cold or walls of ice.

By extension, there could be other mystical states linked to other senses. Silence would be intangible and inaudible, stifling all sound it envelops, while Noise would be audible but overpowering, a chaos of sound.

(Not sure what the latinate adjectives for these should be, to match “empyreal” and “umbrial”… it wouldn’t simply be “tumultuous” for noise, because it just doesn’t have the same feel. And “silent” would be too ordinary.)

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  1. Cacophony & quietude (or quiescence, which is stillness more than silence, but sounds more fancy).

    1. Not so sure about cacophony, although when I first saw it, I thought "yeah, that totally works." But quiescence I think is perfect. Thanks!