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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Support and Upkeep

Here’s a weekly support and upkeep system that fits with Liber Zero, OD&D, and almost any D&D compatible ruleset.

Level Weekly Upkeep Residence Cost Servants
1 15 coins N/A 0
2 45 coins 150 coins 1
3 90 coins 450 coins 1
4 180 coins 900 coins 2
5 360 coins 1800 coins 2
6 720 coins 3600 coins 3
7 1400 coins 7200 coins 4
8 2800 coins 14000 coins 5
9 5600 coins 28000 coins 6
10 11,000 coins 56000 coins 8
+10,000/level +50,000/level


Weekly Upkeep is how much an adventurer has to pay for room, board, equipment repairs, and the occasional minor tax (gate tolls, market fees.)

Residence Cost is how much an adventurer has to pay for a permanent residence in town if they want to reduce the weekly upkeep costs. If a character has a level-appropriate permanent residence, shift up one row for the weekly upkeep costs (minimum 15 coins/week.) HOWEVER…

Servants is the minimum number required to maintain both the residence and one’s own social standing. If a character doesn’t have enough servants, there should be a weekly chance of some kind of minor disaster: rodent infestations, bed bugs, water or smoke damage, and so on. Roll 1d6 for every missing servant, with something bad happening if any die rolled is 5+. Multiply the total of all the dice rolled by 10 for replacement or repair costs.

If either the residence value or number of servants is below what is indicated for the character’s level, the character will be seen as being a lower level. For example, a 4th-level hero with a single-floor residence worth 150 coins is seen as a 2nd level character. Shift reaction results down one category (Good reactions become Average, etc.) Or, roll 1d6 for every level of difference to check for social catastrophes, similar to the way you would check for minor disasters at an understaffed residence.

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