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Thursday, December 5, 2019

End-of-the-Year Maintenance and Plans, 2019

I took a spur-of-the-moment vacation from blogging this week, and have in general not had much time or energy for many projects, for a variety of reasons. The main issue is that there is just too much going on in November and December to allow me a good chunk of uninterrupted design time. As a result, I did not complete any of the tasks I set myself for November: no maps, no reference sheets, no player’s guide.

I’m not expecting things to get better in December. Lots of stuff going on. I will, however, work on the Liber Zero player reference sheets and maybe get started on GM reference sheets. If I can, I may squeeze in a map, but the chances of that happening are not looking good.

(The difference between the two, for those wondering, is that I’ve thought and written a lot about Liber Zero over several years and already have what are essentially rough drafts scattered throughout various posts, so it’s mostly a matter of tracking things down, tweaking a few rules, then rearrange and rewrite, whereas map work requires actually making something new from scratch. It takes hours just to make the maps for a pamphlet dungeon, and that doesn’t even include coming up with the ideas or writing up the text. A larger dungeon takes at least five times as long. That’s a huge disparity in the amount of creative effort needed to make a map versus making an LZ reference sheet.)

The Assembly of Ill-Formed Flesh and the LZ Player’s Guide will probably be delayed until next year. Also, I’m mulling over changes to my blogging. There will be a full report in my annual retrospective and planning posts.

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