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Monday, February 3, 2020

Blog Post of Note: Making monsters different - an example of invisibility

Chicagowiz has a post about Making monsters different, specifically talking about invisibility. His opening point is something I agree with totally: too much stuff in D&D is just about hit modifiers, making the game rather bland. It's one reason I've been moving away from using numeric bonuses.

Switching to the specific example given (invisible creatures,) I'm wondering whether two ACs would even be necessary. Instead, give an AC for when an attacker knows the target's position and assume that otherwise, the target can't be hit. In other words, replace "-4 to hit" with "can only be hit if not using vision to target".

I do have an interesting follow-up idea, but in the meantime, check out Chicagowiz's post.


  1. If there's an invisible monster within melee range of you, there should be SOME chance of hitting it by swinging blindly. Hemming it in and coordinating attacks is obviously a better plan, but even a lone combatant should be able to connect every now and then.

    1. I should emphasize that Chicagowiz's post does include a chance for a lone combatant to hit an invisible opponent. And I'm not totally opposed to that idea. I'm just musing aloud on whether it's necessary, and whether we could connect the ability to hit an invisible opponent to actions taken. How are you making the invisible target detectable?

      Spreading something crunchy on the floor and listening for sounds?

      Filling the air with dust or flour and looking for air movements?

      Switching to area attacks?

    2. @Talysman - for me, I'll give subtle clues, if warranted. "You see a strange disturbance, but then it's gone."
      "You feel the air move oddly near you, and perhaps a shadow shifted."
      "You hear a noise like a footstep near you, but there's nothing but shadows and hazy torchlight."

      Etc. Once we get into combat, I'll give similar clues and broad directions, again, if warranted.

      I'm enjoying your musings!

  2. @Talysman - thanks for the shout out!

    @subhuman - that's why I give the AC2 option if they're swinging blindly in the area that the monster is at. Once they've located it by hitting it once, as long as *someone* hits it each round, it's at AC7.