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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Liber Zero Hybrid Class Reference Sheet (PDF)

This Liber Zero class reference document took longer than any of the others, but it’s finally done: the Hybrid Class reference sheet! Hybrid, in my class scheme, represent classes that mix Heroic (fighter) and Magic (magician) abilities. They are not as good at fighting as fighters, and more limited in what magic they can use, but the fact that they combine two classes is a huge advantage itself.

The quintessential hybrid class is the Priest, which is what I’ve renamed clerics. I’ve also spun off two variant classes from clerics: Chaotic priests become either Heretics or Diabolists, depending on whether they lose their turn undead ability or replace it with a command undead ability. And I briefly describe another variant, the Beastmaster, which uses the turn undead mechanic on animals instead of undead.

One thing you may notice is that there’s no discussion of alignment. There will be a separate reference sheet for alignment, but it will describe this as an optional system, because I realized while writing the Priest, Heresiarch, and Diabolist descriptions that I didn’t need to rely on alignment to make the distinction. I could make it all about how they handle reversed spells and turning undead.

Releasing this pamphlet means that I now have all the basic classes covered. I still have to do the spell lists, a couple GM reference sheets, and some variant classes, but I’m close to being done with Liber Zero’s core game.

Update: I corrected a couple of spell names and added a brief table of reversed spell names and uploaded the new version. For those who don't want to download another PDF just for a couple small changes, here's what changed:

  • Cleanse Food became Pure Food
  • Heal Minor Wounds became Minor Healing
  • Added Putrid Food
  • Added Circle of Shadow
  • Added Minor Wounding

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