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Monday, April 27, 2020

Dark Balls and Red Eye Mode

No post of substance today, because I got curious about this output from Talk to Transformer. My input is in bold. I have questions…

If your map of the dungeon is torn, you can use
Adventure Mode to reroll. The only exception is that if
you have a red eye in the Dungeon Map, you cannot
pick up the recipe from the Old Man if you roll while
having a red eye in your party (since he will always be
in the red eye status).

Returning to the Adventure Mode map to use a lot of
HP Boost or Dark Balls will display the “Quiz” like
results until you have a proper party.

Note: In most cases you can return to the Dungeon
Map with Adventure Mode active without having to
make another solo run to the boss. You can return to
the Dungeon Map without being healed by making an
NPC in the small room.

Now, Talk to Transformer was trained on a whole lot of webpages, which is why it is so good at making fake RPG materials: there’s a whole lot of web pages about RPG materials. So T2T must have gotten the ideas for this from somewhere.

Question is: from where?

What RPG or computer game has “Dark Balls” that you can use in “Adventure Mode”? Which game has characters that can be in "red eye mode?

And if the answer is “none that anyone knows of”, what kind of game mechanics could be made from this scrap?

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  1. Maybe here https://wikimirror.lifeto.co/wiki.ggftw.com/trickster/Category_Phantom_Dungeon.html it is a monster in an MMORPG.

    I'm more interested in the procedure for creating an NPC in a (or the) small room to do healing.

    1. My own limited research suggests that the Dark Balls and Adventure mode had something to do with Pokemon... but it's entirely possible that was mixed with another source.

  2. Oh, and "red eye mode" is a reference to digital cameras which came from "red eye" being a monster in another online RPG.