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Monday, May 4, 2020

Shaman Class (Cleric Variant)

Was reminded that I’d done a write-up for a cleric variant class, but never posted it here. It’s the Shaman.

Concept: Semi-professional priest, able to deal with spirits and aid members of their tribe or community, but not part of a religious hierarchy or formal temple.

Alignment: Any.

XP/HD: As Hybrid (Cleric) class. Primary ability is Wisdom.

Saves: As Cleric class.

Weapons and Armor: Trained in any weapons purchased when character is created. Missile weapons are allowed.

Abilities: Cast spells as would a cleric, but remove any spells related to alignment (Protection from Evil is allowed, however.) Instead of turning undead, a shaman can command wild beasts to obey, turning or taming them. Any tame beasts count against Charisma as would a special follower.

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