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Monday, September 14, 2020

Wandering Monster: Consumer of Torment

Consumer of Torment (Demonic Hungry Monstrous Slug)
Solitary; 18+1 Dice, Extreme Armor, Move 9, 4 dice damage; swallow attack

A black slug 6 to 8 paces long and as wide as three men. Unlike a purple worm, it can’t charge and knock over opponents, but must bite with its enormous toothless maw to attack, but can swallow a standing human being on a critical hit.

Swallowed creatures take damage slowly, only 1 point per hour, but the demonic creature’s digestive juices bind both soul and spirit to the victim’s flesh, making them fully conscious of the entire digestion process even after death, even when only a few flecks of flesh or bone are all that remains.

Digestion lasts up to two weeks. If the victim is dead, but the Consumer is slain, the remains can be removed from the creature’s stomach. Make a roll to determine the victim’s corporeal status:

2d6 Roll Status Detailed Explanation
2 Very Bad Angry Remnants, unable to do more than quiver. Fits in a small bucket.
3-5 Bad Slithering Torso, Move 1, unable to speak.
6-8 Normal Half-Corpse, just a torso and one random limb, either the head (able to speak) or an arm/leg (drag self across floor at Move 3.
9-11 Good Damaged Corpse, but still intact. Max Charisma 3.
12 Very Good Undamaged Corpse, may still pass for living being.
13+ The Best Flicker of Life, returns to normal with magical healing.

If a victim with a flicker of life is not restored, or if the result is Corpse or Half-Corpse, the survivor is a free-willed undead. Reactions from NPCs aware of the survivor’s undead status will be worse, and the survivor’s body will continue to decay. Every month, make a 1d6 roll. On 5+, there’s no change. Otherwise, the state of decay becomes one stage worse: Undamaged becomes Damaged, Damaged loses one random limb at a time until reduced to Half-Corpse, which becomes a Slithering Torso and eventually an angry clump of flesh and bone. Even at this stage, survivors will still be aware of their surroundings, and other magic might be used to place the bound soul into some other form.

Because of the odd demonic properties, the digestive juices of the Consumer of Torment are a component of several necromantic concoctions, including life extension.

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