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Monday, December 7, 2020

Quick TV Series Reviews I

I wanted to take a break from reviewing Star Wars movies, mainly because I haven't just been watching Star Wars movies (or Marvel movies and shows) all these months. I was rewatching shows I've seen at least parts of before. Rather than do a longer review of them, I'll just do a one- or two-sentence review of a couple of them, all in one batch.

Smallville (TV Series)

Rating: B-

Cranked through all ten seasons of this. Not especially fond of DC superheroes, but I think I may like this the best of all the DC shows I've seen. The odd teen soap opera pacing gets a bit annoying, though.

The Flash/Supergirl (TV Series)

Rating: C+

I was showing individual episodes of these two to a friend's kid. They are kind of average, but wonderfully weird at times, so I might go back and binge entire seasons of these.

Not impressed with Arrow, though.

Supernatural Season 15 (TV Series Finale)

Rating: B-

I hadn't gotten around to watching the final two episodes until a couple days ago. I was sort of disappointed with the final season. I did like the way the final battle you expect to happen actually takes place in the second to last episode, leaving the final episode for one last standard monster hunt and a sad but satisfactory ending.


  1. I watched Arrow all the way through. I enjoyed the first two seasons, but once The Flash started, I began to lose interest in Arrow, since The Flash is just more comic-booky. I've enjoyed The Flash all the way through, although sometimes the seasons drag a bit. I have a love-hate relationship with Legends of Tomorrow. Lots of good goofy comic book stuff, but also lots of cheesy comic book stuff. I never really got into Supergirl. Batwoman was an interesting attempt to make a new "dark gritty" show with Arrow finishing, but it's only OK, not great.

    1. I kind of babysit a pre-adolescent for friends and a lot of the TV shows I binge, including these shows, were things I thought the kid would enjoy. We made it entirely through Smallville, but the reason we watched the Arrowverse shows was because I found out there was a Smallville cameo during the Infinite Crisis crossover event, plus I thought seeing certain Arrowverse interpretations of heroes/villains we saw in Smallville would be entertaining. So we watched very few of those shows, and jumped over large chunks, which may have made things unintentionally weirder and confusing.

      Turned out to be wasted effort, because the Smallville cameo specifically occurs in Batwoman, and that's not available on Netflix or anywhere else for free. From what we saw of the character, I'd say it's not worth tracking 'em down. I might rewatch all of Flash on my own, maybe even try out Legends of Tomorrow.

      Right now, we've moved on to Merlin. Just biding our time until Dinosaurs shows up on Disney Plus, or until someone streams Mork and Mindy or Soap for free.

    2. I never watched Smallville. Was never much of a Superman fan, but I've also heard from others that it's good. One of these days, maybe. And yes, the cameo of that version of Superman wasn't very impressive. I learned next to nothing about the show from it, and it didn't really affect the plot.

  2. Smallville has its good points, but as I said, it's kind of written and filmed with a soap opera sensibility. Many scenes begin with a character storming into another character's house and starting drama. The scene typically ends with one character asking a pointed question and then the camera zooming in on the other character's face as they stand there reacting silently. It starts getting comical in places: Clark Kent kept charging into Lex Luthor's mansion long after they supposedly were no longer friends just to yell at Lex, and you've got to wonder why Lex's security team let him do that. When Lex vanishes from the show, I joked "Now Clark has to find another billionaire to yell at."

    (He does, by the way.)