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Monday, January 25, 2021

Updates and Plans: 2021

Don't have much to say yet, because I just got a new computer that I haven't set up yet. Lots of redistributing junk in the room and moving the old computer before I can even start unpacking the new one. And, of course, no one who sells something that connects to a display ever includes HDMI cables, so I'll have to order at least one more of those.

But I thought I'd make some brief comments on plans for the blog. Obviously, I'm scaling some things back. I've also taken a break from the reviews and will probably do future reviews elsewhere, although I will post the upcoming Star Wars reviews here because that's what I promised. I just haven't watched any more Star Wars movies yet.

I do still have OD&D-related plans, but I have fewer random rules observations these days. What I want to focus on is completing some projects I've talked about here over the years, and I've concluded that the blog in a way interferes with those projects, because I've been too focused on getting material for the blog that I lose creative steam and don't work on the projects. The non-rpg reviews in a way were meant to be a way to escape that trap, but turned out to be as much work, if not more.

So, posting is going to be light for a while until I figure out what to use as "light RPG-related entertainment" in between updates on RPG projects. I am now aiming for a weekly posting schedule, instead of twice a week. But even that might not happen in the next one or two weeks while I wrassle with the computer.

Hope everyone is having a good year so far. Talk to you all soon.

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