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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Cross-Class Ability Training

Since I recently simplified ability checks, I’m feeling in a simplifying mood. Let’s simplify changing classes and multi-classing!

To add a second class, spend time and money training in the new class.

  • Cost Per Week, in coins = Current XP/10
  • Weeks Needed: Level modified by Prime Ability score for new class (Strength for Fighters, Dex for Thieves, etc.)
If Score Is … Time Is …
3 Level x 4
4-8 Level x 3
9-12 Level x 2
13+ Level

GM secretly rolls 1d6. No roll is needed for a prime ability score of 16+.

On 5+, the character improves in the second class, one level at a time, after the minimum amount of training time.

On 1 to 4, add 1 and multiply by minimum time to find out how much more training the character will need.

Apply current XP to new class to find max training level for new class. After reaching this, new levels are added by earning XP as usual.

Old class does not improve further unless character trains to “switch back”.

Use best hit dice, attacks, and saves from all classes, up to last level earned in each class.

I might make a few tweaks to numbers, but there’s only one major change I’m considering for these rules.

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