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Looking for dungeon maps?

I'm not as prolific as some, but I've done a few.

Newer Dungeon Modules

Better than my oldest material. I plan on releasing at least four of these a year.

Mega-Dungeon Plug-in Modules

Drop these into your mega-dungeon as a sublevel, or add some entrances and exits to use as a small stand-alone dungeon.

Trifold Pamphlet Dungeons

Micro-size modules (maps, keys, and background info) printed on both sides of a single sheet of paper, then folded to make a pamphlet. I may do more of these, if the format works out.

Watchtowers of the Golden Hills

9 and 30 Dungeon Expanders

Trifold Pamphlet Villages and Towns

Micro-size settlement maps and background info with the same layout as the pamphlet dungeons. Simple enough to fit in practically any campaign with minor tweaking, detailed enough to improvise some small local adventures.

Urban Geomorphs

City blocks 40 x 40 paces (100 x 100 feet) usable with any city map. They modify an existing city block (or a blank space designated as undefined) to quickly fill in details on shops and other locations.

Dungeon Geomorphs

Compatible with those created by Dyson Logos, Risus Monkey, and others who have contributed to Dave Millar's mapping app. Geomorphs are 10x10 and can potentially have two connections per side; additionally, there are 10x5 end pieces and 5x5 corners mixed into each set.

Older One-Page Dungeons

Not as fancy, might redo these at some point.

Leximorph test series
Really old maps, only linked here for historic reasons

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