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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

LBB Longing

I have nothing substantial to post about today, because I'm too tired. As I've mentioned, my OD&D LBBs and Supplements I-IV are in storage. Why, I don't know. They're small, so I should have kept them with me. I suppose it was because I was moving to the Portland area to stay with people whom I knew wouldn't play OD&D, ever. But of course, once there, I kept wanting to refer to the original books as I read some OSR blogs, and now that I've moved back from the Portland area, I've finally decided "I need those NOW."

And so, I went on a little expedition that went wrong in just about every way possible, for hours on end, ending with me almost getting to the storage unit... when I realized I'd left the key to the padlock behind. Since it was already late in the day and would take another 3-4 hours to go back, get the key, and set out again, I just said, "Screw it. I'll try again tomorrow."

Which is why I have nothing to say today.

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