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Friday, January 29, 2010

MegaDungeon: LEXI-1

There were a couple ideas in the megadungeon training series, particularly in Parts IV through VI, that I wanted to explore with practical examples, so I've been working on an example megadungeon in my spare time. I've started with these basic constraints:
  • each region will be a one-page dungeon based around a four-letter leximorph;
  • the wandering monster table will revolve around a few generic types that define a theme for that region;
  • monsters will then be copied to a master level list so that they can be referred to by letter.
I will add more of the principles from the series as I build the dungeon. Plus, I'll start out with a simple region and get more elaborate as I add new regions.

The starter region's physical structure is based around the letters "LEXI" (from "leximorph".) Each time I add stairs, chutes, or tunnels to other levels or regions, I'll look at a list of news headlines, pick a noun with more than four letters in it, and take the first four letters as the leximorph that defines the structure of the new region. Thus, each region will be labeled with four letters plus a level number. The starter region is "LEXI-1": The Prisoner's Forge.

If anyone wants me to go into more detail on the choices I made for this area, I can do a follow-up post.

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  1. The leximorphs are a great idea and I like how you've handled the wandering monster tables. More details on the choices please.