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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Slow-Down and Back-Up

I've been busy on a couple projects, so I haven't been posting much. Number one is a "test" megadungeon. I'll explain more about that when I have some pages to upload. Another is a redone dice map for use with my random monster/treasure/trap/magic rules I've been working on; see the Chaotic Enchantments and Wandering Monsters features for examples which use an older dice map. I intend the newer dice map to be more varied and detailed, but it's certainly taking a long time to complete.

Loosely related to that is a layout demo I did for the Dragonsfoot people, to show them roughly where my skills are. I say it's "related" because I included the Chaotic Enchantments in a quickie 2d6 random treasure table. It's not meant to be actually used, but there it is. You'll also see a map for a one-page dungeon I don't remember talking about here; I'll check, but I think I haven't finished it yet. It's based around a room I created for a contest on a blog.

Speaking of which, there seem to be a lot of blog/forum contests that sort of vanished, without resolution. Considering how backed up I am on my own projects, I guess I can't blame them.

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