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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blanc: A Minor Matter

I'm not entirely certain how I want to describe Blanc.

Currently, the draft I'm working on calls it "a Character Description Mod for Tabletop Role-Playing Games". Previously, I've referred to it as a character description plug-in. I sort of prefer "plug-in", but I'm not completely sold.

Benefits of calling it a plug-in:
  1. Doesn't carry the risk of people thinking "mod" means module (adventure.)
  2. Doesn't sound as complicated or elaborate as "supplement" or "variant rules".
  3. Sounds easy and breezy; just drop it in to any TTRPG.
  4. Most designers creating RPG materials don't call their products "plug-ins", possibly because of #1.
Downside: it sounds more technical.

Anyone have any preferences? Does "a Character Description Mod/Plug-in for Tabletop Role-Playing Games" even give a clear enough idea of what to expect?


  1. Those kind of feel like "supplement" or "variant rules" to me. Unless I find something as short and direct as "plug-in" or "mod", it will probably be one of those.

    "Tweak" is short, too, although I think Blanc constitutes more than a mere tweak.

  2. What about "model," which is actually what I first read that as? It doesn't sound technical, won't get confused with a module, and it seems system independent to me at least. If not that, I would imagine plug-in would be better than mod, since mod, as a computer gamer, makes me think of something more drastic than what seems to be more of an added system that doesn't really need to replace anything.

  3. Blanc is a model, in a sense, but that doesn't seem to really cover it well. I think I'll stick with "plug-in" for now.