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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Clone Project: Damage Rolls

Continuing the thoughts about a possible clone: damage rolls seem pretty straight forward, since (famously) weapons in 0e do not do different damage by weapon type. Everything does 1d6 damage. However, not every monster does 1d6 damage. What needs to be done, then, is to go through all the monster entries, looking for patterns. What I noticed is:
  • hardly anything does more than a die of damage;
  • very large humanoids do more than a die of damage if they use weapons (trolls are specifically exempted in their description because they don't use weapons;)
  • very large insects/animals do more than a die of damage, as do sea monsters; these are the only creatures where increased size always means increased damage;
  • elementals mostly act like very large animals, but their damage is modified by attack conditions in unique ways;
  • djinn and efreet are treated like large animals as well, despite being humanoid;
  • elves get a +1 to damage when using magic weapons.
No other melee attacks do more than a die of damage, but some special attacks like breath weapons do. I think we can get pretty close to by-the-book melee damage with the following rules:

monster size (HD)
damage dice+adds
4+1 HD to 6+ HD
7 HD
8 HD+
1 die/ 4 HD
(does not apply to giant non-supernatural humanoids using natural attacks)

Edit: Corrected damage for the 4+1 to 6+ HD size category from 1+3 to 1+2. The damage value comes from the ogre, and for some reason I thought the ogre entry said "1+3". By accident, this fits better with my house-rule that 4 static points (hp or damage) is equivalent to 1d6, which means that 3 points should be 1-1 and 2 points should be 1-2.

Breath weapons that do damage (as opposed to effects like petrifaction) can also be converted: make them behave like dragon's breath, doing 1 die of damage per HD, with the understanding that a chimera's dragon-head is only one-third of the creature, so it does HD/3 dice of damage.

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