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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Clone Project: Monster List

Before I tackle any other dice rolls on the potential simple LBB clone, I wanted to tackle one of the easier lists: monsters. If we want to keep the clone (or its SRD, at least) as short as possible, we can't really include much in the way of monster descriptions. We'll have to go with a very short sample list and a set of construction rules.

I figure my earlier build-a-beast post pretty much covers it, although I'll need to remove all the house-rule stuff and only focus on what duplicates or nearly duplicates the list in the LBBs. Here's my suggested chart:

Monster Size
Base HD
Human-sized being or herd animal
1 HD
double human size
8 HD
triple human size
12 HD
X times human size
X times 4 HD


slightly larger
+1 HD
half size
-1 HD
lives in small groups
+1 HD
+2 HD
-1 HD
+1 HD
+5 HD

If the final HD is 0, change it to 1-2 HD; if HD is negative, subtract number from 1-2 HD. Hit point penalties or bonuses also modify morale. If you want a low-hit point creature with no moral adjustment, make it a HD/2 or /3 creature, treating it as 0 HD for attacks.

Add a couple notes for some special monster types (oozes, undead, spirits, dragons) and I think we're pretty much set.

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