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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Monster Map

Another use for the dice map with regions labeled with the six standard attribute names: compressing 18 to 21 different monsters into a single d6 roll for wandering monsters.

The trick is to associate each attribute with a general creature type, similar to the way we can associate each attribute with an area of the body for a death and dismemberment table. Strength indicates a creature that relies on its strength, obviously, while Con indicates a creature with tough defenses; Dex creatures are fast, Wis creatures rely on superior senses, Int creatures are cunning/build traps, and Charisma creatures are intelligent social. Where the d6 lands indicates which general type of creature is encountered, while the result rolled narrows it down further.

To interpret the d6 result, assume a target number of 4. Results over 4 are predators; results under 4 are vermin, herbivores, and other creatures that are dangerous only to the unwary. If the die roll is 4 exactly, the creature is something freakish or possibly supernatural.

Which creatures are assigned to each attribute depends on your individual needs, of course, and might vary with geography. I think I'll go with something like:
  • Strength: boar, boa, bear
  • Dexterity: stag, hell hound, snake
  • Constitution: rock mole, giant porcupine, giant beetle
  • Intelligence: giant rat, kobold/goblin, giant spider
  • Wisdom: bat, shrieker, bloodhound
  • Charisma: gnome, elf, bandit
(1-3 = first creature, 4 = second, 5-6 = third.)

If the die lands on a border, I have the option of either a mixed group or a weird hybrid. If it land in the hub, I can either go with non-aggressive small creatures or add three supernatural or special monsters. This would be a good spot for undead, for example.

This is going to come in handy for a couple future posts.

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