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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Equipment Map

I mentioned briefly in a comment on the death and dismemberment table that the six attributes on the dice map could be mapped to equipment types or other personal items as well. Developing the monster map gave me another clue on how to approach this.
  • Strength: melee weapon, exotic weapon (whip, net,) ranged weapon
  • Dexterity: rope/climbing gear, lock picks/fine tools, flint/camping gear
  • Constitution: protective gear (winter coat, parasol,) healing salves/ointments, armor
  • Intelligence: books/manuals, cypher/code keys, maps
  • Wisdom: torches/lanterns, smoke bombs, spyglass/lens
  • Charisma: fancy clothing, musical instruments, make-up/jewelry
(1-3 = first item, 4 = second, 5-6 = third.)

Although some of the items are specific, they can be generalized or adapted as needed. The salves and ointments listed for Constitution are meant to be any kind of protective or healing substance, so they can include poison antidotes, insect repellent, or suntan lotion -- or alcohol for cleaning wounds. The items for Wisdom all affect sight in some way, but equipment for the other senses could be substituted in, such as a "listening cup" (crude stethoscope) in place of the lenses, to be used for listening at doors.

Edit: I'm always forgetting about the hub. Since I was having problems figuring out where to put general containers, let's interpret dice that land in the hub as pouches, sacks, packs, and flasks.

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