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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Property Map

By "property", here, I don't mean "land", I mean "big stuff to buy", as opposed to small, portable items (see the equipment map for that.)

Again, I'll use the dice map and associate each of the attributes with a type of large property.
  • Strength: siege engine
  • Dexterity: transportation (cart/wagon/raft/boat)
  • Constitution: tents/shelters
  • Intelligence: signal devices
  • Wisdom: observation devices
  • Charisma: statues and monuments
The hub is reserved for domestic animals of all types and cages for wild animals.

Instead of three categories per attribute, here, I'd probably go with this small table for interpreting the result of the die roll:
  • 1-3 = capacity/size, in multiples of human beings
  • 4 = rare/exotic features
  • 5-6 = extra large size or capacity (8+ human beings)

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