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Friday, October 1, 2010

Clone Project: Magic Sword Powers

Continuing on the topic of magic swords, in addition to basic attack bonuses, there is the possibility of seven kinds of additional powers:
  1. enemies (sword gets a +2 or +3 against certain creatures;)
  2. fantastic ability, such as a wreath of flame;
  3. a special purpose;
  4. ability to communicate;
  5. mental abilities;
  6. languages;
  7. extraordinary powers.
The first two power types are rolled as part of the process of determining the magical bonus of the sword. The last four apply only to intelligent swords.

A special purpose is rolled separately; it grants an additional ability based on alignment when used. Determine the purpose with a 3d6 roll:

3d6 Special Purpose
------- ---------------------
3 Defeat Chaos*
4-6 Monster-Slaying
7-10 Magic-User-Slaying
11-14 Cleric-Slaying
15-17 Fighter-Slaying
18 Defeat Law**

* Lawful swords only; otherwise, purpose is Monster-Slaying.
** Chaotic swords only; otherwise, purpose is Fighter-Slaying.
Lawful swords paralyze Chaotic opponents of the appropriate category, while Chaotic swords disintegrate Lawful opponents of the target category; either requires a saving throw against the effect. Neutral swords give the owner a +1 to all saving throws against attacks by Lawful/Chaotic opponents of the designated type.

Intelligent swords can communicate. Most simply give the swordsman a feeling of approval, disapproval, happiness, creepiness, rage, or sorrow. Those with Int 10 or higher can speak, while those with the highest intelligence can communicate telepathically with their owner. If the sword can speak, roll for the number of languages:

3d6 # of Languages
------- --------------------------------
3-12 d6/2-1 (min 1)
13-16 d6/2+2 (round down, min 3)
17+ roll twice, treat 17+ as 13-16

The sword can not only speak in these languages, but it magically confers knowledge of these languages on the sword-wielder. In addition, swords of Int 11 or higher bestow Read Magic on their owners.

An intelligent sword will have at least one mental ability, defined as a simple detection ability. To determine what the sword detects, roll a d20:

1d20 Detectable Items
------- ------------------------------------
1-3 Shifting Structures
4-6 Slopes
7-8 Secret Doors
9-10 Traps
11-12 Malice (Evil Intent)
13-14 Magic
15-16 Invisible Objects
17-18 Metal
19 Gems
20 1 in 6 chance: Extraordinary Power
otherwise: roll twice OR special*

* On re-rolls, if a result of 20 doesn't indicate an Extraordinary Power, improvise a random detection ability, such as Food & Water, Life, Undeath, Shelter, Warmth.

Swords with Intelligence 12, and some randomly-determined intelligent swords, will have one or more extraordinary powers, defined as a non-attack spell usable at will. Roll 3d6 on this table:

3d6 Extraordinary Powers
------- ---------------------------------------------
3-4 roll 2d8+4 three times on this table
5 roll 2d8+4 three times on this table
6 Healing (1 point/hour, six times per day)
7 Strength of giant d6/2+1 times human height
(once per day, last up to 10 turns)
8 Illusions
9 Levitation or Flying
10-12 Sensory Spell, Level 3-5
13 ESP
14+ Telekinesis or Teleportation

The "Sensory Spell" is one spell of level 3 to 5, usable at will for as long as the sword-wielder concentrates, that bestows a new sensory ability on the sword-wielder. Examples include Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Infravision, X-Ray Vision, and Telepathy.

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