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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Druid Spells

What's a better way to celebrate the solstice/yule/Christmas season than with a druid? This will eventually form the basis for a cleric subclass in a Liber Zero "wilderland fantasy" appendix.

Druidic magic must always be limited to simple natural substances, animals, plants, the elements, or weather. (The one exception is magic, which druidic spells can detect at 1st level and dispel at 4th level; "magic" is thus listed as a 1st level spell type.) Because of this restriction, some druidic spells are not as flexible as equivalent cleric or magic-user spells; druids can purify water but not food, summon animals but not monsters. Similarly, druidic illusions all deal with natural or elemental subjects (Hallucinatory Forest instead of Hallucinatory Terrain at 4th level.)

There are no druidic ranged damage spells, but incidental and close (1") damage is allowed. Damage for the latter is 1d6+1 for every 2 levels, between magic-user and cleric variable damage. Adjustments to spell levels for enhancements are +1 level, exactly as for magic-user spell enhancements.

Spell Level

Druidic Spell Types


cure, detect, magic


speech, create, distort, temperature, wound


movement, control, disease, poison


illusion, area, protect , summon, dispel


reshape, transmute, transform, nature


death, repel, conjure, instant movement, large-scale physical changes



* if spell levels are capped to 6 for M-U, consider moving Reincarnation to 6th level, with the other "death" spells; disallow other 7th level druidic spells.

Duration is as M-U, but:

  • 2 turns for physical Dynamic State
  • 1d6+2 turns + 1 turn/caster level for combat
Spells that "cure" inanimate objects (like Neutralize Poison) last for 1 turn.

Range is:

  • 1" for Utility/Object Control
  • 6" for creation, transformation, detection
  • 12" for most spells
  • triple standard range for weather spells

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