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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pre-Yule Status

I just leveled up to Maven, according to the old school rpg blogger level progression. To celebrate, I have two posts planned for the next two days that I think are pretty exciting. We'll see if anyone agrees. One's a geomorph, the other is character class material.

Current status of Liber Zero is that I'm still working, primarily on the cheat sheets, which are stuffed with tables and rules snippets. I may have a problem fitting all the player stuff on the player cheat sheet, it seems. But then, I'm also looking at putting some of the rules snippets into tables to see if that will compress some of the space (it doesn't always do that...) I actually have almost everything I've posted to the clone project category pasted into another document and I'm slowly re-arranging and chopping stuff to get it down to a summary document; I was hoping to have this done before year's end, but it doesn't look like that will happen.

Besides the upcoming S6 geomorph, I probably won't be working on any others until next week. Haven't decided yet whether to work on the B series next, or the M series. Or maybe there will be a C series. You'll find out what the letter stand for soon enough, though. For now, they're just clues.


  1. Welcome to the Maven Club. Drinks are at the bar, and we've reserved a suite for your convenience.