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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Lied

I said previously that I've been focusing 99% of the time on D&D and only 1% of the time on other games. But then I realized I've been tagging most of my posts here, so just for fun, I figured out the actual percentages:
  • 80% D&D
  • 1% InSpectres
  • 1% The Fantasy Trip and Microlite 20
... which leaves 18% other. Except that I think most of the Last-Minute GM posts aren't tagged as D&D, nor are any of the geomorphs, and possibly there are other posts that are more or less D&D-related but tagged in a more general way. But even if all of the "other" posts were considered "D&D, but applicable to other games", that's still only 98%.

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